Boat Storage

We have a limited number of spaces available for boat storage at the club and a waiting list of active sailors who would like to store and sail their boat at the club.

Unfortunately, we also have a number of boats, kayaks and trailers that may been stored/abandoned on site without payment of storage fees. We have begun a process for the removal of these boats and trailers.

Terms and Conditions for Boat Storage 2021/2022

Parking spaces are intended for active sailing club members and priority will be given to active members of the club who sail regularly or are involved in coaching or club administration. It is not intended for long term storage of unused boats or trailers. Only full Wakatipu Yacht Club members can apply for a boat park for the season.

By applying for storage you confirm you have read and will abide by the terms of storage as follows:

1. You may be asked to remove your boat or trailer if the terms and conditions are not met.
2. You agree to relocate your boat to another position within the storage area if required.
3. You agree to maintain and keep tidy the surrounds of your storage area including mowing grass around and under the trailer
4. You agree not to store other materials other than the boat, its tender and its trailer nor reside on the boat.
5. You agree to allow the fixing of the Wakatipu Yacht Club parking tag on your boat trailer. (A numbered sheep tag will be cable tied to the trailer drawbar)
6. You agree to display the Trailer Yacht Storage Ticket on the inside window of the yacht.
7. You store your boat at the yacht club at your own risk. Neither the Wakatipu Yacht Club Inc, its officers nor its members accept any responsibility on any ground whatsoever including liability in negligence to yourself or any other person. The area is forested and is subject to high winds. There is a risk of damage through falling trees or branches. The area is unsecured and open to public access at all times.

8. The land of which your boat is stored is subject to the Reserves Act 1977. Should you not pay for storage fees your boat must be removed from the Yacht Club. Failure to do so may result in your boat being considered abandoned under section 110 of the Reserves Act 1977 and either sold or destroyed by the club.

Boat parking is a privilege and will be allocated subject to availability on receipt of the membership application. Active members will have priority. An active member is one who sails in the club regattas and series or is involved in learn to sail or club administration. You will be notified if your application is unsuccessful. Your boat must be able to be moved. If you use an immobilising lock you must reside in the Wakatipu and available to unlock when requested. If you are not in the Wakatipu, a key or combination must be left with the secretary.

If your application is rejected we will refund your membership and parking fee (and membership subs if so desired.)

Storage fees for 2021/2022 are $350.00 for trailer yachts plus membership.