Final day of this season!

Hi everyone!

On Sunday, 7 April, will be our final day of organised club sailing for this season. And before we get ready for the winter, let’s catch up, have a race and meet around a BBQ!

Meet us at the club at 9.30 am. Everyone is welcome. And by everyone, we mean EVERYONE!

  • All levels of our kids learn to sail programmes
  • Their parents, grand parents & favourite neighbours
  • Adult learn to sailers
  • All the big boat owners and their crews
  • Anyone else who would like to experience a fun day on the water

What we will do?

  • Play fun games on and off the water
  • Put parents and any other adults into the boats and watch them racing
  • Have a final trailer sailer race for the season
  • Waka ama will have their boat out so make sure you give it a go
  • We’ll do lolly scramble (my favourite!!)
  • And of course BBQ (John’s favourite!!)
  • Prize giving for the juniors and others
  • And I am sure we will think of some other stuff to do

Looking forward to seeing you at what will be the best and the biggest and the most fun event of the whole season!

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