And finally Christmas break!

On Sunday we have concluded with the Spring Season. Juniors have shown some of their newly acquired skills, based on which we are now creating groups for the Summer Season. Watch this space to find out what group you are in!

We also had the fifth race of the season, again with four boats who are getting more and more competitive. We are still waiting for the results and will publish them here as soon as we get them. Unfortunately, our on board reporter was absent from the last two races, hence we have no juicy details about what were no doubt serious battles. But she promised to be back in the New Year, so we can expect some stories then again! Make sure you take some time to work on your boat over the holidays, clean it, do the necessary maintenance and get in shape for the Summer Series and Donald Hay Race!

We wish you all a fabulous festive season, Merry Christmas and a Happy & Windy New Year!

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